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Blick auf den neuen Wellness-Bereich im Hotel Zimba

Spa for peace and relaxation 

Time For Relaxation

The Zimba spa is the perfect place to find peace, relax or enjoy a massage. After a long hike, a day on the golf course or to just let go of your stressful everyday life, this is where you can let go and relax. Recharge your batteries in our sauna area, and recover your sore muscles in the indoor pool. A classic massage or a foot reflexology are great additions to your recovery!

Aufguss in der Sauna im Hotel Zimba

Saunas, Steam Bath and Sole Bath

Time in the sauna is good for your metabolism, your blood flow and makes your immune system stronger. You can choose between a 90°C and 60°C sauna. Our steam bath is great for opening up pores and detoxification. Our sole bath is great for your skin! Where are you going to relax? 

Hallenbad mit Wellendüsen im Hotel Zimba

Indoor pool, solarium and relaxing area

Hold your head under water and get a clear mind.  To fully relax, grab a comfy chair in our relaxing area or outdoor room. This is how you can end every day full of harmony and comfort.

Things to know

For your relaxing time

Spa Times

Relaxation starts now


You shall find relaxation if this is what you desire. Our spa area is daily open for you.

  • Indoor pool from 7:30 til 21:30
  • Sauna, steam bath and Sole bath from 14:00 until 19:00

Massages can be booked at individual times and also outside of the regular spa times. 

Indoor Pool

Our 8 x 5 meter indoor pool is great to have a nice swim. Our pool includes a little whirlpool to fully relax. After a swim we have an indoor and outdoor area available to relax.


  • Temperature: approx. 30 °C
  • Depth: 1.40 Meters
  • Planned Construction in 2022:  6 x 15 Meters
Herbal Steam Bath

The perfect start to a sauna day is our herbal steam bath. Open your sinuses while inhaling the fine steam. The heat helps to relax your muscles and fascias.


  • Temperature: between 40-46 °C
  • Humidity: 100 %
  • Eucalyptus Scent
  • Recommendation: 15-20 minutes
Sole bath

The sole bath is a warm sauna that is enriched with salt. It is known to reduce inflammation. Moreover, it is goof for your blood circulation and lowering other health issues.


  • Temperature: approx. 40-46 °C
  • Humidity: 100 %
  • Orange and Cinnamon scents
  • Recommendation: 15-20 minutes

The sauna is the perfect tool to reduce stress hormones. The heart beats faster, blood vessels are opening up and the muscles start to relax. It is important to cool down after to receive the full adrenaline stimulation.


  • Temperature: approx. 90 °C
  • Humidity: 5-10 %
  • Pine, lemon balm and lavender scents
  • Recommendation: 8-10 minutes
Steam Sauna

Our steam sauna, also called organic sauna or soft sauna, is an easy way to get to know saunas. Different essential oils, relaxing lights and mild humidity help to relax your mind and body. 


  • Temperature: approx. 60 °C
  • Humidity: 50 %
  • Lemongrass scents
  • Recommendation: 8-15 minutes

Time to relax, time for yourself

Holistic Vitalization

Our Massage Offers

Classic MassagesDuration of treatment Price
Classic Fullbody50 min.58 €
Partial massage (Back or legs)25 min.38 €
Combination (Partial massage and foot reflexology)60 min.70 €
Foot reflexology40 min.50 €
Breuss massage25 min.43 €
Honey back massage25 min.43 €
Deep tissue back massage with cupping40 min.56 €
Lymph Drainage50 min.58 €
Facial Lymph Drainage 25 min.40 €
Ear Candling and Facial Lymph Drainage 50 min.58 €
Cranio Sacral Therapy50 min.64 €
Oil Massage after Ayurveda
Ayurvedische Abhyanga60 min.80 €