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Cross Country Skiing in the Montafon


Welcome to the cross country paradise! The Montafon offers 90km of cross country skiing tracks which consists of 68km classic style and 22km skating style. Tracks can be found up high in the mountaints or just a few walking minutes away from the hotel! 

Cross Country Skiing in the Montafon

The ‘Schrunser Feld’ tracks is a beautiful area located in the fields of Schruns. Only 2 walking minutes away from the hotel the starting point is at the Rehab facility Montafon. The track is classified as easy and 2,9 km long. After approximately 30 minutes you will reach the end of the loop.


Two special recommendations

Located on the Kristberg or the Bielerhöhe you can find the most beautiful tracks of the Montafon. Breathtaking views make these tracks an experience. 


Enjoying the cold mountain air and a beautiful view of the Montafon is a given when cross country skiing in the valley. We are looking forward to your inquiry.