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10 Reasons to stay at Zimba


You know you want to take a break in the mountains, but you are not yet sure which accommodation suits you best? What speaks for the Zimba? We give you 10 of the countless reasons that make us stand out and our hotel in the middle of Schruns in Montafon the perfect fit. If you still have questions after that, please feel free to contact us. 

Reason #1

A Warm and Cozy Environment

Heike and Hans Peter Ladurner run the hotel Zimba for the 3rd generation now. Since it was founded in 1914, it has always been a high priority for the family Ladurner to create a warm and cozy space in their hotel. You have to experience it for yourself! 

Blick über Schruns im Montafon
Reason #2

Dream Location Between the Mountains

The hotel is in the center of the valley of the Montafon and its biggest town, Schruns. The mountains surrounding the hotel invite you to have fun adventures all year-round. Amazing views can also be enjoyed on our beautiful patio. Within walking distance, you will find the town center, bus stops, and the train station. 

Reason #3

Choosing Local Products

Whenever possible, Hotel Zimba tries to buy its products from farmers of the region. We are also founding members of the “bewusstmontafon” club that works towards better relationships between farmers and hotels. 

Speisesaal im Hotel Zimba im Montafon
Reason #4

Fascinating Art and Culture

Not just in the hotel, but also in the Montafoner museums, local, as well as world-famous artists have a place to shine. We highly recommend walking through town to explore fascinating sculptures, paintings and events to add to your holiday. 

Reason #5

We Stand Behind What We Do

We love the hotel industry, are local to the Montafon and love being outdoors. Hiking, golfing, skiing are among the many activities we enjoy doing ourselves. That’s how we are able to recommend the best options and might even spill some secrets!

Adrian unser Barchef - er kennt die Wünsche unserer Gäste
Reason #6


We live for our guests and every smile we give comes from the bottom of our hearts. We try our best to fulfill all your wishes to ensure you have the best holiday. It is no coincidence that many guests return to our hotel over and over again. 

Reason #7

We are Dog-Friendly

We love to welcome your fluffy family members to our hotel. Beautiful trails for walks, extra towels and even dog training are waiting for you. We will make sure your pup will have a great time too. 

Reason #8

Strong Values and Always Improving

Our core value is the happiness of our fantastic team. We make sure that the work environment is full of respect, trust, motivation, recognition and harmony. But we don’t stop there, we make sure to improve and grow every day!

Reason #9

Team Oriented

Over 40 workers are here to make your holiday perfect and many of them have been with us for more than 10 years. This is something we are very proud of. We work together to ensure fairness, teamwork and fun at the workplace. This is how we can be who we are: the hotel Zimba in the Montafon. 

Reason #10

Awarded for Excellent Hotel Training 

Besides our guests, our other priorities are our workers and trainees. We received several awards for being an outstanding hotel in training our trainees in the restaurant, reception, and kitchen. Sound interesting? We are always happy to receive your application. 


We could go on for hours about how much we love the hotel Zimba, but in short – it is really beautiful here and we can’t wait to welcome you. We would love nothing more than to send you an offer for your next holiday.