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Zwei Golden Retriever in schöner Montafoner Winterlandschaft

Holidays with your dog in the Montafon


Your holiday with your dog in the Montafon, Vorarlberg.

Dogs are very welcome at the Hotel Zimba in Schruns, because we too have been addicted to the charming four-legged friends with wet noses and a devious gaze for years. However, it is important that all guests feel comfortable in the house at all times. Therefore, the following rules apply:


Please let us know when you make your enquiry or online reservation that your four-legged family member will be with you. There are times when we have dog stops for short-term bookings, as there are already a lot of dogs in the hotel. This is especially true over the 1st of August.

Mutual consideration is the most important rule. We therefore ask you to take into account the obligation to keep a leash in the entrance area when you arrive. Our own Goldie lady, Qianah, likes to stay here – she knows the rules and (mostly :)) sets a good example.

Your dog is welcome in the sun room, as well as on the terrace. The dining room, on the other hand, is a dog-free zone, because your four-legged friends might get bored and not every guest likes to have animals around them when they eat. If you do not want to leave your dog in the room while eating, we will be happy to reserve a table for you in our Montafonerstube, subjected to availability. Please indicate this at the time of booking.

Dog towels and a coaster for their bowls will be available in the room. The bed is exclusively for our human guests. The daily charge without food is 15 euros per animal. Should repairs or major cleaning work be necessary, we reserve the right to issue a separate invoice.

Because every dog, no matter how good it is, likes to defend its territory, we ask for your help: use the door sign “I am alone” to inform our cleaning fairies if your dog is guarding the room without you. We are happy to set specific times for room cleaning at the reception.

Enjoying your tailwaggingly happy holiday


Secret spots and informations for your holiday with your dog

Winter-Hiking with dog

The Montafon is the purest (vacation) paradise, also for dogs. To keep it that way, you will always find free plastic dog bags along the paths, which we urge you to use. In this way, the meadows remain usable for agriculture and the walking paths are also inviting for the next few laps.

Cable cars and buses

A general muzzle recommendation applies to dogs in our cable cars with large gondolas. On the other hand, there is an explicit muzzle obligation on buses. In order to ensure the safety of other passengers, you can borrow a muzzle free of charge at our hotel reception.

Golfurlaub im Montafon

Dogs and playing golf

Dogs are welcome companions at the Golf Club Montafon in Tschagguns. However, to ensure safe and undisturbed play, your dog must be on a leash. Otherwise, only the golf rules that apply to all of us are law for our four-legged friends. So nothing stands in the way of a relaxing holiday with your dog.


Send us your inquiry today for the perfect holiday with your dog at the Hotel Zimba in Schruns. We are looking forward to sending you an offer and answer any further questions.