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Together with our children, Christian and Katharina, us, Heike and Hans Peter Ladurner love to be your hosts at the hotel Zimba in Schruns. The hotel opened its doors in 1991 and we running it as the 3rd generation. Running the hotel is still our biggest passion. What else is there to know about us? We would love to tell you more.

If our family didn’t buy an old farm house with some guest rooms in 1914, we would not be who we are today. In the 1970’s the farm house turned into a 50-bedsbed and breakfast. By 1985, the B&B turned into a hotel with 89 beds, and 60 seats in the restaurant along with a big dance hall that can host up to 100 people.


During our time as the host family, we did a full on renovation of the hotel in 2003 to offer even more relaxation. We added 30 beds, an indoor swimming pool, sole bath, saunas, and massage rooms. We closed the dance hall and changed the restaurant to a smaller à la carte variety and increased the hotel size to 124 beds.


Sadly, we are not able to add more just yet to this story, but what is certain is that we keep changing. The next renovations and additions are already planned and new ideas are ready to be developed. We are looking forward to share out future stories with you. It will stay exciting and great!

A strong family, and a strong team! 

About us

Family Ladurner and

the Zimba Team

Heike Ladurner mit Golfausrüstung
Heike Ladurner

Heike, the Owner, is the soul of our hotel. She is responsible for the big picture but also the little details. She loves to decorate the house according to the season and choose local products for the hotel.


If you are looking for advice regarding golfing, skiing or dogs, make sure to ask Heike! If you can’t find her in the hotel, check out the garden as she loves to take care of it herself.

Hans Peter Ladurner, Hotel Zimba Chef
Hans Peter Ladurner

Hans Peter is the all-rounder and Owner of the hotel. He is responsible for a smooth operating house – particularly regarding the technical aspects and finances. His favourite spot in the hotel is the buffet, he loves to make sure that our guests always have plenty of food to choose from.


Born in the Montafon, he knows it inside and out. If you ask him he will tell you about every mountain top, mountain alp, waterfalls or the history of the valley.

Christian Ladurner

Christian runs the reception and together with Hans Peter takes care of our apple trees and grape vines. Every year they make delicious creations. Moreover, he is a certified hiking guide and overall expert to help you find your perfect hiking trail.


He loves to accompany guests on beautiful hikes all over the Montafon and show them most breathtaking spots. It is always an experience!

Claudius verköstigt Hotel Zimba Gäste

Claudius, our Chef, makes sure to satisfy all your culinary needs. Together with Hans Peter, he creates delicious menus and buffets. Just like Heike, he is also keen to buy as many products as possible locally. 


He does not just love working with pots and pans, but also farming and herbology. We are so lucky that he found his way from the Lake of Constance to the Montafon. 

Servicechefin Martin im Hotel Zimba

Martina has been the Service Team Leader for years. She started her career with us as a Trainee and knows many guests, our hotel inside and out.


Her relaxing and loving approach is an important part of our team, and she has long since become an important part of the hotel and the family.

Adrian am Cocktail mixen im Hotel Zimba

Adrian is our Bar Supervisor. He makes the best cocktails and he will find the perfect drink for you after a long day of hiking. His many years with us allowed him to know the drinks of many frequent guests.


What else is special about him? Adrian is known for creating a relaxing environment to end your day on a good note.

Dragica Portrait

Dragica is our Cleaning Staff Supervisor. Together with her team, and her strict eye, not one speck of dust has a chance against them. She makes sure the house is not just clean but also cleaned with love, this makes the difference.


The Montafon is Dragica’s second home and we are glad she has been with us for so many years!

Katharina Ladurner mit Laptop im Garten der Hotels

Katharina, our youngster, is our Social Media and Online Expert. She knows the best spots for the perfect holiday pictures and is looking forward to share them with you.


When Katharina takes a break from her Master’s studies in Vienna, she loves to relax in one of the comfy chairs in the sunroom with a great view of the mountains.

Anna-Maria Ladurner während eines Gesprächs

Anna-Maria, the middle one, just finished her Master’s degree in Canada and moved back to Schruns. Now she is working as an Occupational Therapist in the rehabilitation clinic next door and her own private practice.


Despite her clinical background, if Anna-Maria, is needed you will be able to find her helping out at the reception.

Jonny im Hotel Zimba

Jonny is the husband of our daughter, Anna-Maria. They met in his hometown, Edmonton, fell in love and got married. He is the sporty guy in the hotel and his passion for CrossFit comes in handy for our guests too. Make sure to ask about an intro class with him at reception!


Jonny is very busy perfecting his German. It is not always easy with the dialect spoken in the Montafon but every day he is getting better and turning into a Muntafuner.

Katze Dobby mit Golden Retriever

Dobby is our sweet kitten that can also be pretty feisty. Because Dobby is still rather new to the team, she spends her time in the backyard of the family making sure to supervise the parking lot. 


For our regular guests who can remember Asterix. After 22 beautiful years we had to say goodbye to our little angel. Having Dobby around helps to keep a calm feline presence in the hotel.

Golden Retriever Hündin im Hotel Zimba

Qinah, one of the fluffiest members of the family, is also part of the Zimba team. The 5 year old Goldie lady is the reason we are able to give great advice about spending your holiday in the Montafon with your dog.


Most guests will meet Qianah at reception since this is by far her favourite place. As is expected, Qianah follows strict rules that your pup should follow too.