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For a Safe Stay With Us

During these difficult times, we try to make the best out of it.

Wir haben besondere Zeiten, aber wir machen das beste Daraus.

Safety is being practice every day and very important to everyone at the hotel Zimba. Especially during these difficult times we want to ensure you that we do the most to make your holiday safe and offer you a worry free vaccation.


It is about the health of our guests, our workers and the family. For this we need understanding, common knowledge and personal responsability. The ever changing rules ask us to be very flexible, but to ensure a safe stay we follow them quickly. 


The most important rules is the 3G (Geimpft, genesen oder getestet). This means vaccinated, recovered or tested. If you fullfill one of the 3Gs nothing stands in the way between you and a holiday at our hotel. 



Valid for 9 month after the second shot

22 days after 1 shot if only one dose is needed – valid for 9 month

One vaccine if the person has antibodys after recovering from Covid-19 (positive PCR test or antbody test) – valid for 9 months



Goverment document of Covid-19 diagnose (Absonderungsbescheid) – valid for 6 months 

Prove of antibodies not older than 3 months



Valid test must be presented upon arrival 

PCR test valid for 72

antigen test or self tests under supervision valid for 8 hours

QR self tests valid for 24 hours


Good to know: We offer free 48 hour tests in the hotel. 


Further information regarding the safety concept of the Montafon can be found here. For goverment informations you can use this link

Zimba safe hospitality


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there changes regarding cancellations for the summer?

Generally, there are no changes. For specific Covid-19 reasons, a reservation can be cancelled for free.

  • Free cancellation up to one month before your holiday
  • 50% cancellation fee within one month of your stay
  • Early depature, the remaining days will be charged fully
Are there any further cancellation rules?

For your stay until April 30, 2022, our regular cancellation rules apply. Nevertheless, there will be no costs for our guests and their travelling partners if:

  • you have a goverment document that requires you to quarantine*
  • your country of residence has travel restricitons and you need to quarantine upon return to your country
  • Austria requires a quarantine and other tests are no longer accepted**
  • the borders are closed**
  • all cable cars of the Montafon are closed due to Covid-19 rules. **


* For reservations with the arrival dates until April 2022, we have cancellation fees, but the goverment of Vorarlberg offers the Covid-19 insurance that pays up to 3000 Euros back per guest. More information can be found here Sicher zu Gast in Vorarlberg – Stornierung und Versicherung


** Partial option possible if an infection occurs during your stay. 

Are there any special hygiene measures?

Hotel Zimba has always had a high hygiene standard. In regards to the current situation, we increased the use disinfectants and have strict protocolling. All our workers received special training. Lots of fresh air and a Metzler Molke hand sanitizer on each table helps everyone to feel and stay safe. 


The goverment of Vorarlberg requires a Covid-19 comissary and a hygiene concept. We have both of these things in place.

Are our workers tested?

Every worker that is not vaccinated is tested every second day. With this strict strategy we would detect an infection fast and could act accordingly. Most of our workers are already vaccinated and take additional tests weekly.

How does check-in work?

Our receptionists are protected with a glass wall during check-in. We ask you kindly to have your valid vaccination record, goverment document or other required documents ready at check-in. Futhermore, we ask you to keep a safe distance to other guests.


For a fast check-in, we will ask you before your arrival for your personal information.

Can I get tested in the hotel?

We are certified to offer a self-test under supervision that is valid for 24 hours. We ask you to make an appointment at reception.

Do I have to wear a mask in the hotel?

Under the current rules, you do not need to wear a mask. If you feel safer doing so, feel free to wear one at any time. We always have the most up-to-date information ready at reception.


Some stores, public transportation and cable cars still require you to wear a FFP2 mask.

Are there any special rules for the hotel restaurant?

All our restaurant workers are vaccinated or regulary tested. As usual, we show you your table for your stay on your first night.


Since we are still offering buffet, we kindly ask you to sanitize your hands each time before entering this area. 


For maximum protection, we would appreciate if you keep a safe distance between you and other guests. 

Are the indoor pool and sauna open to use?

Currently, there are no special restrictions in our spa area. Our indoor areas a spacious and the lawn chairs are spaced out. There is always information regarding new rules by the spa entrance. We ask you to follow them. 

Can I book a masage?

Feel free to book a massage at reception. The 3G rules are in place – moreover, you are required to wear a mask.

Are hikes and programms still taking place in the Montafon?

Hotel organized hikes are still taking place in small groups.

We still have musicans weekly at our hotel bar.

The BergePlus program still takes place under strict hygiene measurments.

Events at the town center still take place if restrictions allow it. 

What do I have to do if I start feeling sick?

Please call us immediately from your room. Our workers will call the 1450 hotline which will decide further steps. The Ladurner family is in the hotel 24/7 to help you with any questions. 

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