Hospitality for our four-legged friends

We want you our furry friends to feel just as comfortable as your owners.

To make this happen, some essential recommendations:

At the hotel

  • "Asterix", our hotel "tiger" and "Qianah" our Goldie belong to our family and might be in the area of the reception. Please have consideration for that.
  • Feel free to hang out and relax in our hotel lobby and on the patio.
  • Because you would be bored during supper time and not everyone appreciates to have you at their dinner table, you are not allowed to hang out in the dining room area.
  • We will have towels and a placemat for your bowls ready for you in your room. It is important to remember; the bed is only for our human friends. If we need to clean more than usual or things got broken, we will have to charge extra for that.

Nature time

Close to our hotel, there are beautiful trails for longer or shorter walks. Because we want them to stay that way, please make us of the poop bags that are available free of charge along the trails. Make sure your owners always use them, because all of these beautiful fields are used for farming.

Taking the bus and cable cars

Dogs also like to travel around. To ensure nobody gets hurt, you need to wear a muzzle. This rule is in place for all public transportation (including cable cars). If you didn’t bring your own, we have some rental muzzles available at the reception.

Dogs at the golf course

Four-legged friends are also welcome at the golf course in Tschagguns and Partenen.

A leash is a matter of the course and the golf rules of course for all dogs.

Dear owners,
we wish you and your furry friend a great holiday.

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