Eat, Drink and Relax

A cosy get-together, an exchange of creative thoughts, pure relaxation, feeling at ease and culinary delights are the ideal conditions for you to have a relaxing holiday. Whether it may be in the cosy lounge, conservatory or on the sun terrace, the hotel is a place for those who love pure enjoyment. You can share and talk about your experiences, e.g. after a mountain tour or idyllic walks in the forest, about the silence at the mountain lake and the elemental force of the roaring mountain streams.

Culinary experiences including mountain views

The hotel lobby with its mountain view or the terrace in the garden are popular place for a contemplative evening, and our reader’s corner is the right place for those who favour silence. During the cold season, the lounge attracts the guests to have a chat next to the cosy warm tiled stove.

Regional products for heavenly treats

Our beautiful landscape is the basis for tourism in the Montafon region. In order to ensure that it is preserved, we think that the farmers in the valley play a vital role.

Local specialty dishes are directly linked to the centuries-old cultural landscape of our region which the people love to experience and enjoy in summer and winter. Our farmhouse cupboard with authentic souvenirs from the Montafon region aims to emphasize this cooperation. The “bewusstmontafon” initiative (“conscious Montafon”) is a strong partnership between the tourism and agricultural industries in our valley. We have been a member since its inception and are proud to take on this responsibility.

Half board at the 3*S Hotel Zimba

  • extensive breakfast buffet
  • afternoon snack
  • 5-course dinner
  • buffet dinners

The main product of the Montafon – „Sura Kees“ (sour cheese)

Our former chef Emanuel Kegle shows a special recipe developed in our hotel in this video (german only).

The main product of the Montafon – „Sura Kees“ (sour cheese)