Cultur and Tradition in the Montafon

Discover the cultural offers around Schruns in the Montafon. In addition to great events, there are great museums and exhibitions near the 3*S Hotel Zimba, which are always worth a visit.

Museums and exhibitions around Schruns

The Homeland Security Association is the sponsoring organization of the Montafon Montafon museums and operates the Schruns Local History Museum, the Tourist Museum and the Mining Museum Gaschurn Argent.

The establishment and maintenance of museums and archives of the Montafon in Schruns include, among many other projects for the history of the Montafon and along with an extensive program of events to the most important activities.

Today the club has around 700 members and is one of the fastest growing cultural groups the country. The Society publishes numerous publications such as annual reports in the Montafon series, the special series of volumes on the Montafon and the cultural and historical trails Montafon.

Tel. +43 (0) 5556 74 723
Stand Montafon

Art Forum Montafon

Founded in 1996, Art Forum Montafon (KFM) has made it its task to meet the artistic and creative needs of locals and guests, both in active (seminars, workshops) and in passive areas (exhibitions, art education).
Price / venue is the former factory of loden in Schruns, where well-adapted rooms are available all year round.
The course program is characterized by high quality and is aimed at beginners and advanced, to all those who want to spend their leisure time meaningful and creative. It invites you to the artistic development into one of the most beautiful alpine valleys.

The dedicated exhibition program presents mostly contemporary Austrian in the visual arts. Thus, the KFM has already become a renowned meeting place for art.

Kunstforum Montafon
Kronengasse 6
A-6780 Schruns
Tel.: +43 (0) 5556 72 166-30
Fax: +43 (0) 5556 73 940